Staff a Nurse and Save

See the outsourced services replaced by staffing an OnSite Health Nurse and the related savings.

Providers of COVID Solutions

We are ready to assist nationally with on-site and at home testing, return to work programs, and more.

Every Winning Team Needs a Coach

One of our valuable services is providing coaching to employees that show high risk in any health categories.

Respirator Fit Testing

OnSite Health conducts all aspects of the fit test, including the required testing for medical clearance.

Our Company

Our History

Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, OnSite Health provides customized health care services both locally and nationally to businesses in all major industry sectors since 2005. OnSite Health was founded by Connie M. Bryan, RN as one of Northern Indiana’s first companies dedicated to employee wellness and disease prevention. OnSite Health is also recognized as a state-certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.

Our Mission

As a team of health care professionals that specialize in on-site services, we are passionate about providing high-quality healthcare services to you and your employees. Through primary care, screenings, immunization, and more, we believe that on-site healthcare is critical for the wellbeing of your company and employees. Improving one’s health is often times a long-term commitment and it has been our mission since the very beginning.


It’s a great time to refresh everyone on the benefits of good health. We’re working hard on our B & B Healthy program, and On-Site Health is a key partner in this effort. We appreciate everything they’ve done and continue to do. OHS spent 15 minutes with each employee, but the impact will last a lifetime. This is the BEST thing we’ve ever done for our employees

Lisa Fry

HR Specialist, B&B Molding

We like to do what we can to encourage good health, and On-Site Health makes that wonderfully convenient. The employee response is always positive…everybody appreciates the nurses’ feedback, and we appreciate On-Site’s ability to work directly with each store’s manager to coordinate each store’s needs

Nick Brady

HR Manager, Big C Lumber

On Site health has been an outstanding resource and partner with Unifrax. They helped us to launch our wellness programs, employee health improved and we saved significant medical insurance costs. The real value of On Site health is they inspire and motivate many of our employees to change lifestyle habits and significantly improve their health and quality of life. I cannot think of a more noble purpose then to help fellow human beings. Connie Bryan and her team have accomplished this at Unifrax, and many of our team and I are forever grateful for your positive impact on our lives.

Joe Kuchera

VP Product Stewardship and Compliance, Unifrax LLC

We use certain chemicals in the production of our adhesives and overexposure to our finished products can lead to health problems. Helping our employees monitor their exposure and guard against any threat to their health and well-being is a top priority for us. The employees look forward to the health fair every year, we appreciate On-Site Health Solutions and the vendors accommodating our work schedule, and every year they offer great, new information.

Patty Myers

HR Supervisor, Royal Adhesives & Sealants



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