Building a healthy workplace can lead to an increase in productivity, happier employees, and decreased absenteeism. One way to improve the health of your workplace is by creating a vaccination program. Hosted on an annual basis, workplace vaccination programs are one of the most effective means of preventing epidemics in the community. In this blog, we will discuss how to build a workplace vaccination program, the benefits, and what onsite nurses can do for you.

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Vaccination Program Benefits

Employee vaccination programs are an effective way to support workforce health. Hosting a workplace vaccination program comes with numerous benefits for both the company and its employees including:

  • Reduces absences from sickness or doctor visits which in turn decreases company costs
  • Improves workplace productivity due to a decrease in absences
  • Vaccinations are often already covered under the employee’s health benefits
  • Improves workplace health
  • Convenience

How to Build a Workplace Vaccination Program

You can implement a vaccination program in your workplace on varying scales. Depending on the organization, the process should include input from management, human resources, and employees as needed. Businesses with existing OnSite Health nurses are in a stronger position to implement a successful program.

  1. Determine who will be your clinic coordinator(s). This person will be responsible for planning and implementing the program for all employees. The coordinator will also be responsible for promoting and motivating the staff to get vaccinated.
    • Before arranging the vaccination program it is important to take note of the following issues:
      • Who will be paying for the vaccinations? Is it coming out of the company budget or does insurance cover the costs?
      • Choose the date(s) best suited for your organization.
      • Identify where the program will be taking place.
      • How many employees will be vaccinated?
      • Increase accessibility to the vaccine service by having flexible hours and multiple sites depending on the size of your workplace
  2. Promote the vaccination program by placing flyers, creating a newsletter, and sending an email announcement to employees. You can do this multiple times as it gets closer.
  3. Set up a registration process to determine how many will be vaccinated. You should not restrict employees who decide at the last minute.
  4. Reach out to the outside clinic to determine what paperwork is needed prior to the day of service. This saves time by allowing employees to fill out paperwork in advance.
  5. After the clinic be sure to get feedback from both the clinic and employees. This allows you to evaluate the service and make improvements for next time.
  6. Send employees a personal thank you for participating.

Vaccinations Offered By OnSite Health

Whether it’s the annual flu shot or the impending coronavirus vaccines, OnSite Health’s vaccination services can help keep your employees healthy. Our onsite nurses offer a wide range of vaccines including:

Even as adults, employees should stay up to date on their vaccines. OnSite Health provides vaccinations across the country. As a stand-alone service or as part of a year-round clinic, we offer this convenient service to minimize your company’s exposure to viral infections. If you’re interested in hosting an immunization program or learning more about staffing an onsite nurse at your organization, contact us today to learn more!