For Advisors

With health care expenses continuing their ascent, insurance agencies are called on to bring solutions to their clients’ rising health care claims more than ever, and even returns on the investment wherever possible. More and more, insurance advisors recognize that preventive wellness and, in some cases, on-site or near-site employer-based health clinics, are the keys to controlling or even reducing their clients’ rising health care costs. Advisors desiring to help their groups get on a healthier track have chosen OnSite Health for a number of reasons:

  • Extraordinary Patient Rapport and Advocacy – When it comes to health and wellness, building relationships is critical for reaching healthy goals. OnSite Health’s medical staff serves under a philosophy that “each patient is the most important person in the world at the moment they are in our care”. It’s a philosophy that resonates with employees one at a time until the culture of the entire workplace is changed for the absolute better. Our medical staff takes each interaction very seriously, recognizing that it may be the only opportunity to bring sound health education and a medical perspective to an at-risk patient.

  • OnSite Health is independently-owned and not influenced by any outside medical organizations to make our medical referrals. Our in-network referrals to physicians or services are not driven by any goals other than the patient’s well-being and convenience. Each patient’s best interest is and always will be OnSite Health’s primary focus.

  • OnSite Health operates independent of “big corporation” protocol. There is an affinity that many feel for the personalized attention of days gone by, and OnSite Health clients are drawn to our personal approach. Larger corporations may be unable to operate outside of structured protocol. However, OnSite Health has greater flexibility to adjust to unique situations and patient needs.

  • Extraordinary Customer Service – While employee health care affects every employer, every place of business has different goals, different budgets, and different operational considerations. OnSite Health has grown quickly, in part, by being flexible to the specific needs of each client it serves. From being on-site for 3rd shift and/or weekend employees when needed, to an ability to provide on-site service to multiple locations with no minimum requirements, to negotiating special rates when needed to meet budgetary limits, OnSite Health strives to provide exceptional customer service.

  • OnSite Health is certified in Indiana as a Woman-Owned BusinessOnSite Health is the only workplace wellness provider in our part of the state and one of the few such workplace wellness providers in the state carrying this certification. This certification may be of strong interest to employers that are committed to conducting business with and awarding contracts to state-certified woman-owned or minority-owned businesses as part of their acceptance of state funding. 

  • OnSite Health has cultivated a unique level of respect and/or endorsement from health service providers for the level of care we bring to an individual and an employer. Supportive groups that run the spectrum from dentistry, to local labs, to EAP providers, to pharmacies, chambers of commerce, insurance providers, and more have all recognized or recommended OnSite Health as a valuable, dependable workplace clinic healthcare service provider.