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What type of respirator fit testing do you offer?

Qualitative. Our fees include the cost of the Fit Test questionnaire and all other necessary paperwork and testing.

Can you serve all of my national locations?

Yes. We are currently trending at 5 business days to staff all required locations throughout the United States.

Do you offer COVID-19 monitoring and testing services?

Yes. We provide monitoring (temperature checks/daily questionnaires) of employees before entering their workplaces with on-site COVID-19 testing if desired. We also provide COVID-19 phone triage and Return to Work services, taking these duties out of the hands of HR and into the hands of Registered Nurses.

Do you offer COVID-19 rapid testing?

Yes. We offer both rapid PCR and antigen testing. Please read this article to learn about the differences between the various COVID-19 tests available through OnSite Health.

What does it cost to staff a nurse for one hour or 40 hours a week?

Pricing for staffing an on-site nurse varies depending on the total number of hours per week, with more hours per week translating into a lower cost per hour. The minimum amount of time per visit is 4 hours per day. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs.

Are your services reimbursed by insurance?

Our services are directly billed to the employer. In some cases, our client’s insurance brokers have presented our invoice to their insurance carrier and have had the services reimbursed.



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