A Message from Connie Bryan

Connie M. Bryan, RN
Founder and CEO

One of my favorite things to hear when I am walking down the hall of one of our clients is, “Hey! There’s our nurse!” Those words mean so much to me, but mostly they mean that I’ve made the connection and a trusting relationship has begun!

When we make contact with an employee, that employee is THE most important person! We may only have a few minutes with an individual, so it’s important to quickly establish that we are there to help, we are there to educate, and we take his or her health and quality of life seriously and personally.

That’s what makes us most different!  We feel RESPONSIBLE to give everyone the best care we know how.  We feel responsible to the employer who has entrusted us with their employees. An employee may not necessarily like what we have to say, but they will know one thing for sure...They received the best we had to give.  They will leave our door knowing more than when they came in.  Every meeting is an opportunity to teach and to change lives for the better, and on occasion, save a life.

Our success is measured not only in DOLLARS saved by our clients, but in other ways that are much more difficult to quantify. A single father recently came to see me and said, “This program has meant so much to me and my kids! We feel so much better! We’re even eating dinner together at the kitchen table instead of going out for fast food all the time!”  He went on to say that what he’s learned in coaching sessions he takes home and tells his aging parents. His entire family now has the roadmap to better health!  That is success to us!

Going home at night is easy when you know that what you are doing is literally changing lives for the better!  This is what we do for our clients. We look forward to bringing the same positive impact to your employees and to your company as a whole.