NWIBQ article on OnSite Health

NWIBQ article on OnSite Health
NWIBQ article on OnSite Health

The entire article posted on February 23, 2016 by NWIBQ.COM by Laurie Wink in the Winter edition of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly Magazine can be found HERE. Below is the excerpt from the article regarding OnSite Health:

OnSite Health

Bryan, an RN, founded OnSite Health 10 years ago to provide customized health and wellness services     to employers. The South Bend-based company now handles wellness programs for 200 companies with workforces ranging from 50 to  5,000.

Before starting OnSite Health, Bryan was a full-time nurse at a large manufacturing company. Workers would often complain about fatigue and low energy levels. "As a nurse, I knew what that meant. With an obese and aging workforce, the risk of chronic disease    is there."

Using a free lunch as an inducement, Bryan initiated a blood pressure screening event and started doing other health screenings. As employees made changes that improved their health, she began to get calls from family members who wanted similar services at their workplaces. "I decided to take the show on the road and affect change with more people in more places,"    she says.

Bryan starts with basic health screenings and assessments. She meets with individuals to review results and make recommendations. It's not uncommon to find employees with life-threatening conditions that require immediate  medical treatment, she  says.

Companies contract with OnSite Health for a range of wellness services, including individual coaching and scheduled meetings with nurses. OnSite Health works with all sizes of companies to develop customized programs tailored to employee needs, rather than deliver cookie cutter programs. "I've

found that everybody is so different," Bryan says. "We go into a company and try to figure out what the high risks are so we can develop a program. Some business sectors have far more stress because of what they do."

Smart Cabinetry

Smart Cabinetry, a manufacturer of customized kitchen cabinets located in New Paris, started using OnSite Health services several years ago with good results, says Amy Wells. As human resources director, Wells oversees the wellness program for the company's 190 employees, 98 percent of whom participate.

Employees have the option of an annual wellness screening, and can choose to take part in a program    that sets individualized goals for lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels and reducing other health risk factors. Employees who achieve all of their goals can reduce their health insurance premiums    by up to $720 a year, according to  Wells.

Smart Cabinetry's contract includes twice-weekly visits by Connie Bryan and her daughter, Lauren, both registered nurses. "Connie is so passionate," Wells says. "She works with family doctors to advocate for [employees]. When they go to her about an issue, it may or may not be work related. Unless it's life- threatening, we don't need to know about it. It's strictly    confidential."

The OnSite Health team of nurses educates people about healthy choices and encourages them to take personal responsibility. "Our role is to get people to want to make changes," Bryan says. "We say 'Let's    set reasonable goals and take baby steps.' We keep tweaking along the way."