On-Site or Near-Site Clinics

With ever increasing health care costs for both the employer and the employee, an old solution to solve this current problem is seeing a resurgence by large and small employers alike. Early on in the 20th century it was common for a large employer to have medical staff that managed clinics on-site. Then the need was more of a triage response to common occupational injuries primarily in manufacturing facilities, but today with self-funded high deductible account based health plans gaining popularity, the need is to manage employee health care costs in total.

With most industry sectors reporting the total cost of employee health care above ten thousand dollars an employee and increasing at rates more than double that of inflation, the on-site clinic model should not be ignored. On-site primary care of all insured employees and their dependents combined with incentives for clinic use and better personal health are proving to save the most engaged employers significant dollars, keeping their rise in health care costs at or below inflation while reducing their employee’s point of care costs. The net results are that employers have more funds available to spend on retaining and recruiting quality talent and employees are healthier, happier and more productive.

With employers instituting an on-site clinic reporting 3 to 6 times return on the investment into a clinic within a few years, OnSite Health is happy to help you explore this remarkable alternative. Whether you have 50 employees or 5000, we have a solution for your company which can include any or all of the following services:

Audiometric Testing

Laboratory Collection Services

Blood Pressure Screenings

Lunch and Learn

CPR and First Aid Training

Pre-Employment Drug Screening &
Alcohol Testing

Cardiovascular/Diabetic Screenings

Prescription Services

Case/Disease Management

Sleep Studies

Childhood Immunizations

Spirometry Testing

Department of Transportation (DOT)
Medical Examination

The Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Glucose Screenings

Tobacco Cessation

Health Fairs

Venipuncture Screenings

Hepatitis Vaccination Program

Vision Screenings

Influenza Vaccination Program