Smart Cabinetry is a kitchen cabinet manufacturer located in New Paris, Indiana. Since opening their doors in 2004, Smart Cabinetry has grown to employ more than 350 employees in a 250,000 square foot warehouse. We sat down with Kirk Barron, President and Chief Operation Officer, and Minushu Mekonnen, CFO, of Smart Cabinetry, to discuss how our on-site nursing services have impacted their organization. Let’s see what they had to say:

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How did Smart Cabinetry hear about OnSite Health?

We first met OnSite Health about 5 or 6 years ago through our insurance provider. From the start, we have really valued our relationship with the OnSite Health nurse and the services that she and her team provide. Initially, we started with an employee health and wellness service but as our company has grown, we utilized more services. When Smart Cabinetry moved to the new warehouse and hired more employees, we hired an on-site nurse to assist with injuries. The nurse first started out at 2 days a week, but currently works on-site 5 days a week.

How is OnSite Health involved in your business?

I would say that the on-site nurse is very involved in our business and operations. We have a very personal relationship with each other that allows for us to communicate with one another at any time. As our business has grown, our needs have shifted in order to protect the health and safety of all our employees. OnSite Health has a position within our safety management team in order to provide feedback and guidance as protocol changes.

Our on-site nurse also meets with our leadership team to discuss any potential problems, solutions, and the current safety teams in place. We really enjoy having her as a part of our team because it provides a sense of comfort that our employees are protected at all levels. From safety protocol and first aid to first response training for our employees, OnSite Health is a really practical service that we have been glad to have over the years.

When COVID-19 happened did Smart Cabinetry feel prepared?

Absolutely. Since our OnSite Health nurse was with our team before the pandemic, we really built a relationship with her that allowed us to communicate effectively. From the start, OnSite Health has always been communicating with our team about potential issues that could arise and how to provide health and safety solutions for our employees. We increased our nurse’s hours during the pandemic and she happily agreed to work alongside us to ensure that we had every measure in place. From masks and cleaning supplies to face shields and eyewear, OnSite Health provided an endless list of supplies that we could get our hands on to use within our facilities.

We did have to close down our operations for a week when the pandemic started due to Governor Holcomb’s orders, but this allowed our HR, leadership and safety team to set a proper plan in place. Once our leadership team and OnSite Health had the adequate safety measures in place we were able to bring all of our employees back to work in a way that made them feel comfortable. Smart Cabinetry produces between 5000-6000 cabinets per day and without an on-site nurse and the OnSite Health’s pandemic response, our business would have suffered.

As we navigate a post-COVID workplace what does your relationship with OnSite Health look like?

That is a great question. I think our relationship was definitely made stronger during COVID as we really relied on OnSite Health for information and safety protocol. Since we have been with OnSite Health for quite a few years now, I think it will return back to the before-COVID services. We definitely will still meet with our safety team to ensure that all safety measures are in place to prevent workplace injury and ensure it is up to speed with OSHA’s guidelines. We use a lot of tools and equipment around the warehouse so having an on-site nurse on staff in case of injury is critical.

We also enjoyed the wellness and coaching programs that OnSite Health provides for our employees. Not only do we value OnSite Health and their services, but our nurse is truly a member of our team that we could not succeed without. Overall, I think the level of service OnSite Health provides allows the Smart Cabinetry staff to feel comfortable and we hope to continue well into the future.