OnSite Services

An audiometric exam can be completed in less than 10 minutes and assists in the identification of hearing loss, communication disabilities, determination of type and extent of hearing loss sustaine

OnSite Health specializes in on-site health screenings of employees (and their spouses if desired).  We are happy to accommodate all work shifts and spouse schedules as necessary. 

A blood pressure check is a simple way to get your employees engaged with their health. Frequent blood pressure checks and education can be a great enhancement to your company's on-site wellness routine.

To educate, advise, and encourage your most at-risk employees in a one-on-one approach to achieving optimum health.  Service includes review of medical history, treatment and bills, employee consul

To maximize employee health and safety, it is recommended that 10% of staff at any company facility and/or on any company shift be CPR/First Aid trained.  OnSite Health can provide a 4-5 hour Adult

Diabetes is a costly and potentially-dangerous chronic disease that threatens to become an epidemic in our country. Encourage your employees to know their risk with our quick screening and nurses' feedback.
Through a caring relationship-based approach, OnSite Health is available for follow-up health coaching to address the company’s higher-risk population and has been effective at helping these individuals make healthy changes needed to live happier, more productive lives.
OnSite Health will organize, set up, and coordinate an on-site and themed health fair with a gathering of representatives from several healthcare associations and providers. On-site assessments, screenings, and lunch can also be integrated at an additional cost.
Annual influenza vaccination programs are the most effective means to preventing epidemics within our community and workforce environments. As a stand-alone service, or as part of a year-round clinic, OnSite Health offers this convenient service to minimize your company’s exposure to the seasonal flu.
A healthy lunch and education for employees on a variety of health-related topics can be conducted in conjunction with any of our screenings and clinics.