Biometric Screenings

OnSite Health specializes in on-site health screenings of employees (and their spouses if desired).  We are happy to accommodate all work shifts and spouse schedules as necessary.  Our 15-minute screenings are detailed below, and the positive short-term and long-term impact we have on individuals and companies is well established and documented.  The key is in our nurses’ feedback on results, allowing them to immediately educate and motivate staff to set and meet healthy goals.

Our most popular screening features a “finger-stick” lipid profile and glucose screening with immediate results and nurse’s feedback.  Includes HDL and calculated LDL, total cholesterol, cholesterol ratio, triglycerides, blood pressure, pulse, body fat, BMI, height, weight, health risk assessment, and a wallet card of results.  A minimum 2-hour fast is requested. 

OnSite Health will assist in the promotion of the screenings efforts and will email log-in instructions, a promo flyer design, and other helpful support materials to employers for its own in-house use or distribution to all employees. 

Online Health Assessments (HRA)

OnSite Health utilizes a well-structured online HRA questionnaire to assist us in the assessment of employees.  Access to this questionnaire is included in the cost of our screenings, and questions are rooted in established guidelines for good health.  Responses to questions in several health categories, from nutrition and tobacco habits to stress management and more, are integrated with individual biometric data like current weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and more, to generate wellness “profiles” for the individual and an Executive Summary for the employer as a whole.  Our questionnaire is accessed online by participants 1 – 2 weeks prior to first day of screenings for convenient completion. Following the completion of the questionnaire and the health screening, participants may continue to access health information and resources on our wellness portal for up to 30 days.

OnSite Support

All on-site biometric services are overseen by a senior Licensed Nurse. An on-site coordinator will also be provided if desired.

Third-Party Data/Electronic Data Transfer

Patient confidentiality is required by law, but OnSite Health is happy to transfer biometric data to third parties with the participant’s signed consent, and we provide consent forms for this purpose.  (Please know that employees are not obligated to release their personal health data).  Individuals may request personal data transfers at no cost.

Screenings Summary Reporting

CORPORATE - OnSite Health will provide one executive summary following the health screenings.  The report is a statistical summary of the responses received from the assessment questionnaire and from the biometric measurements, and also provides group recommendations for improvement as needed.  This report for the employer as a whole is provided at no additional cost.  

INDIVIDUAL - OnSite Health’s online wellness portal generates confidential 10-page personal wellness profile reports for individuals following their health screenings.  This report, included in the cost of the screening, compiles data gathered from the HRA questionnaire and from several key biometrics results (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, etc.) to produce a customized summary for the individual as well as recommendations for improvement or maintenance based on results. A recap of most biometrics results is included, as well as a check list detailing the individual’s risk in key health categories.  For on-going programs, year-over-year comparisons are also generated in this report to track the individual’s progress from one screening period to the next. These reports are accessed online by participants for their own viewing and/or printing.

(ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Generation of executive and individual reports as detailed above is contingent upon use of our online health risk questionnaire.)

Employee Communications Assistance

OnSite Health knows the importance of making employees aware of and comfortable with wellness programs.  We are happy to assist in any way possible to facilitate the efforts.   At no additional cost, we can provide:

  • Introductory Letter (optional)
  • Payroll Stuffer (optional)
  • Promotional Flyer (optional)
  • FAQ’s (optional)
  • Supervisor Memo (optional)
  • Screening Scheduling Templates in either Word or Excel format
  • Instructions for completing the online questionnaire and retrieving the 10-page personal report

Any of these items may also be posted on the company’s intranet website as helpful.  Samples of our communications assistance materials can be provided upon request.

This service combined with our Health Coaching service which addresses any issues found through the above process is the most logical and best way to combat ever increasing employee health care and insurance premium costs.