Health Fairs


  • The old proverb “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been more important.  Unfortunately, we have a “sick care” system rather than a health care system that focuses on technology, medications, and surgery for treatment.  Preventive medicine is the cornerstone of a health care system that focuses on preventing an illness from occurring rather than treating it after the fact. 
  • Health fairs and screenings can significantly increase wellness program participation while providing a comfortable, vibrant company experience.
  • Creates awareness of your company’s top health issues.
  • Compliments existing training and development programs.
  • Improves communication throughout the organization.
  • Can be offered as employee perk.
  • Builds team spirit (people who learn together, work better together.)
  • Raises employee morale.
  • Establishes a caring organizational climate.
  • Takes a smart step towards reducing health care costs, decreasing absenteeism and increasing productivity by building a healthier workforce.
  • Shows your company cares about employees and their families.