Physical Demands Analysis

A Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a systematic procedure to quantify and evaluate the physical, cognitive, and environmental demands of the essential and non-essential tasks of a job. PDAs can have a variety of uses in the workplace. They can be used reactively for rehabilitation and return to work purposes, and proactively to prevent injury.

For example, PDA’s can be used to:

  • Communicate the requirements of a job to an employee and health care providers
  • Provide data for use in job matching and accommodation of injured workers
  • Clarify benefit entitlement
  • Identify suitable alternate work or modified work
  • Assist in identification of jobs, work processes, and equipment that require further ergonomic analysis and intervention
  • Assist in identification and prioritization of safety concerns
  • Help discover ways to modify jobs and tasks
  • Provide information for hiring and training purposes

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