B & B Molders

"Molding" A Healthy Workforce

B & B Molders is a leading manufacturer of custom plastic molds for a variety of industries, from medical devices to recreational vehicles. Now, this Mishawaka company is setting the pace for molding a healthy workforce as well.

In 2007, B & B Molders invested in on-site health education in the workplace, beginning with On-Site Health's on-site screenings. Within hours, employees were abuzz about their numbers, stopping HR Specialist Lisa Fry in the factory to thank her for the testing, and following up with their doctors to tend to previously-unrecognized health risks. "OHS spent 15 minutes with each employee, but the impact will last a lifetime. This is the BEST thing we've ever done for our employees," Fry said at the time.

Shortly thereafter, the company implemented monthly health seminars to keep health in focus throughout the year. Topics for the group talks have ranged from organic foods to summer safety to cancer awareness. "The employees always look forward to these discussions," says Fry. "They learn something new every time."

Bolstered by Indiana's Wellness Tax initiative that rewards small companies for their wellness efforts, the company's wellness committee gathered data from both OHS and FormFire (the company's health insurance management tool) to determine the group's top health risks: poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and tobacco use. From there, the committee established goals for improvement in these areas under the banner, B & B Healthy.

The program was introduced, and a series of weekly talks from OHS put a spotlight on nutrition by breaking down the basic food groups. Employees began tracking their meals, having their nutrition logs reviewed by an OHS staff member, and earning rewards for participation. For exercise promotion, the committee implemented a walking program with pedometers and monthly rewards for "most steps", along with a discount membership to a nearby fitness center. Weight management will be a natural byproduct of the nutrition and exercise efforts. To reduce tobacco use, the company will provide on-going information about the risks, utilize On-Site Health for a formal cessation program as necessary, and provide a $10.00 weekly discount to tobacco-free employees' medical contributions. An additional $5.00 per week discount will also be given to those who participate in follow-up wellness screenings later in the year.

"It's a great time to refresh everyone on the benefits of good health," says Fry. "We're working hard on our B & B Healthy program, and On-Site Health is a key partner in this effort. We appreciate everything they've done and continue to do to help our employees."