Bertrand Products

President Paul Bonin
"Reaching New Heights" In Company Wellness

Bertrand Products, based in South Bend, IN, serves the aviation industry with quality parts production, but just as aging airplanes and helicopters need service check-ups, company president Paul Bonin realized his aging workforce needed a tune-up as well. “Our employees’ average age is 47 years. We’re a small company, and one absence hurts. This, along with rising healthcare costs, prompted a recommendation from our insurance company to call OnSite Health and build a workplace wellness program.”

At the beginning of 2006, Bertrand Products began by offering cholesterol and glucose screenings to the group. “This had tremendous impact,” says Bonin. “Health conditions were found that people weren’t even aware they had.”

Assessing Bertrand’s results and understanding its goals, OnSite Health recommended a 12-month on-site wellness program called Health Trip, whereby participants “travel” monthly to different destinations to get educated on a variety of healthy topics. From Pressureburg, PA to Aerobiquerque, New Mexico and other stops along the way, Bertrand employees earn “frequent mover miles” for participation and for progress made. “The program is exactly what we were looking for,” says Bonin. “It offers great variety on different topics, and it sends an important message that we care about our employees and their health.” (It also seems to be a nice fit given the company’s association with the airline industry.)

Bonin adds that from the first day, the staff bought into the program. “Connie came in and told them, ‘I am going to be YOUR nurse’, and they really responded. She has tremendous rapport and energy, and excitement and momentum really built within the group.”

Just five months into the Trip, Bonin says the employees’ energy and productivity is up, and absenteeism is down. The Health Trip gives them new things to look forward to at work, and he hopes the focus on good health will carry down to the employees’ families. “This is somewhat of a new concept, but employers are always looking for ways to motivate and energize employees, and this has done it. I’ve been telling many business leaders about it. I would absolutely recommend OnSite Health to help anyone reach their workplace wellness goals.”

PS: Due to client demand, Bertrand Products has also utilized OnSite Health to help the company make Pandemic Flu preparations. Through Connie's efforts, the company has brought into focus the impact this threat can have on their business. To learn more about the ‘Health Trip’, Pandemic Flu Preparedness, or other wellness initiatives, call Connie Bryan at 574-243-5108.