Big C Lumber Company

"Building" a Team of Healthy Employees

With its 16 locations throughout Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, Big C Lumber Company believes that proximity to its customers is key to fulfilling its corporate mission to be the best in meeting the building materials needs of contractors and do-it-yourselfers. 

But being close to its customers in two states can bring challenges when it comes to in-house company communication, training, and other day-to-day operations, and implementing any company-wide health initiatives had, for years, been no exception.  “We attempted things like gym memberships in the past,” states Human Resource Manager Nick Brady, “but geography has always been our biggest challenge.” 

When On-Site Health approached the company several years ago and introduced its on-site services, Brady welcomed the offer.  Much like Big C Lumber was committed to bringing its products and services to the customers where they are, Brady saw that OHS was on the same page in the way of convenient customer service.  Since 2005, the company has provided annual health screenings and flu vaccinations to its employees.  “We like to do what we can to encourage good health, and On-Site Health makes that wonderfully convenient,” says Brady.  “The employee response is always positive…Everybody appreciates the nurses’ feedback, and I appreciate On-Site’s ability to work directly with each store’s manager (to coordinate each store’s needs).”

In addition, Big C Lumber Company employs OHS annually to re-train all of the stores’ CPR and First Aid responders.  “It’s gone well,” Brady adds. “Nurse Connie’s (medical emergency) stories bring it home (for the trainees).”

Whether helping to build homes or to build a healthy workforce, convenience for the customer is key, and Big C Lumber Company and On-Site Health hold a blueprint for success.