City of South Bend

The City of South Bend kicked off its employee wellness program in April, 2006.

The City made it a goal to become a 21st Century Healthy City, with former Mayor Steve Luecke ceremoniously receiving one of the first health screenings for city employees. The city's objective has been to encourage employees to become fit, resulting in healthier employees, lowering healthcare costs, AND creating a more fiscally responsible government by way of these cost savings. At the time, Indiana ranked 9th overall in the nation in obesity among our population; some studies ranked the state as high as 5th. (City of South Bend news release, 4/05/2006)

Most national survey data shows the median medical cost increase for 2004 was 11 percent, and the median medical cost for 2005 was 9 percent. To decrease these costs, many companies are turning to in-house wellness programs. (South Bend Tribune Business Weekly, 6/12/2006, p. 1)

Companies in the community that have active wellness programs and those organizations considering implementing a wellness program are encouraged to join in the initiative. "We always find someone who didn't know they had anything wrong with them," stated On-Site Health owner, Connie Bryan. "One screening like that can save you a bad year from health insurance premiums going up, plus you've saved the life of an employee, and that's most important." Weeks into the program, former City Benefits Coordinator Susan Wallace added, "We have already got our investment returned." (South Bend Tribune Business Weekly, 6/12/2006, p. 4)

On-Site Health continued its role in the City's wellness program, and in 2011, the program was enhanced dramatically with insurance incentives and fitness memberships for active participants. On-Site Health continues to provide the annual health screenings and coaching for higher risk employees. Results from the coaching show sound progress every quarter in most key health categories tracked.