Federal Mogul

Where Workplace Wellness Is Part of World-Class Vision

What does it take to produce and maintain a World Class Work Environment? Federal Mogul’s South Bend facility has this goal while they serve automotive and other industries on a global scale producing quality pistons for Chrysler, GM, Ford, and more.

Just like cars, people need to maintain their bodies for a long life. But it wasn’t until 2005 that the company decided to put their workplace wellness into higher gear for the benefit of their 450 employees. “(Before 2005), we were like many employers who were having to handle situations reactively and having to pay local doctors to answer the simplest of medical questions,” Human Resource Manager Chris Lehman stated. “We had no type of wellness program at all.”

As their healthcare costs continued to rise, Federal Mogul South Bend began to recognize that employee wellness was crucial to not only creating a healthier workforce, but also to long-term company success. “In order to continue to compete globally and long into the future, we have to ensure that we have World Class Employees,” states Lehman. “This comes partially through selection and casting, but mostly through providing a World Class Work Environment, which means doing the right things the right way all the time.”

In 2005, the company contracted with On-Site Health to establish on-site health management and nursing for the employees in the form of regular office hours, periodic screenings and health fairs, safety and emergency response training, worker’s compensation claims protocol, and other proactive wellness initiatives. The investment has been very well-received by the employees and a key ingredient in the company’s World Class vision. “The feedback I hear is that employees really appreciate and trust Nurse Connie,” said Lehman. “They trust her to advise them on issues before they become a big deal. This approach creates a favorable financial impact on the business.”

Lehman calls On-Site Health an integral part of Federal-Mogul’s World Class Work Environment and a fantastic business partner. He states, “Every challenge I have presented they have taken advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills and in the end make a positive difference.” To anyone considering utilization of On-Health Solutions for their company’s wellness efforts, Lehman simply advises them to “go for it”!

To learn more about wellness fairs, screenings, CPR/First Aid training, or other wellness initiatives, call Connie Bryan at 574-243-5108.