Goshen Stamping Company

Putting a "Stamp" on Their Employees' Well-Being

They are the words that continue to be repeated in the headlines, "In these tough economic times...".  So, it surprises me that even I myself am beginning this client profile with, "In these tough economic times, it is important to prioritize your employees’ health.”   

As both an occupational health nurse and owner of a corporate wellness company, I have had a unique view of both sides of the coin.  One day, I may send one employer’s unsuspecting employee to the emergency room with a life-threatening blood pressure.  The next day, I may discover that another long-time client company is struggling to stay in business and that its workplace wellness plan is now by the wayside.

It’s sobering to think “what if” in these cases…What if I hadn’t been there to alert the hypertensive employee?  And what if there’s another individual just like him working for the client that has preventive health initiatives on hold? 

Several employers continue to struggle with tighter budgets, but it’s important to keep in mind that health risks don’t stop with the economy.  In fact, anyone’s blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, blood sugar, depression, anxiety, aches and pains, presenteeism, and medical compliance can even worsen in the economic downturn.  Lay-offs or the fear of lay-offs can cause people to sleep, eat, cope, exercise, spend money, or follow a doctor's orders differently and oftentimes not for the better. 

Jerry Trolz, owner of Goshen Stamping Company, also knows firsthand the hardship of our down economy and the reward of workplace wellness.   At the recommendation of his company’s insurance provider, this self-funded employer agreed to offer on-site health screenings to his employees last year on the company dime.  Days later, as screening schedules were being completed, business came to a standstill.  Unprecedented company layoffs loomed. 

Even so, Trolz followed through on the healthy initiative, and within his group of 40, one employee was alerted to a life-threatening condition.  Within days, this person was hospitalized, and a family physician confirmed afterward that the workplace screening saved his life.  “We’re grateful that we were part of catching it in time,” Trolz says.  “Even though the economy goes up and down, problems with health care are there.  Moving forward with preventive health is worthwhile, rewarding, and potentially life-saving.”  According to Trolz, the screenings were well received by all, the at-risk employee is back on the job, and business has bounced back too.

In times like these when we are all trying to buckle down and control costs, healthcare persists as a huge company expense.  Running an efficient business requires not only efficient methods and resources, but also a team of healthy, motivated, and efficient employees.   Most will agree by now that spending wellness dollars up front will lead to a return on investment.  That hasn’t changed.  It still makes dollars and sense.