Pres and CEO of the SJC Chamber & former Mishawaka Mayor

Former Mishawaka Mayor Jeff Rea
OnSite Health gets my vote!

The following is an excerpt from motivational speaker Charlie Adams featured article, Peak Performance Tools on How to Really Lose Weight, regarding the life changing experience of, then Mayor of Mishawaka, Jeff Rea:

Mayor Rea was 247 pounds in January of 2007. By August of that same year he was down to 167 pounds. He has stayed around that weight ever since. I called him up because I wanted to know how he did it and how he keeps the weight off. Here is what he told me:

"Charlie, I brought in Wellness expert Connie Bryan of OnSite Health in to speak to our team here at City Hall. She did weight and body fat testing and talked to us. Based on her charts she told me I would classify as 'obese.' I was like, "Come on..." Hearing that, and having a history of heart trouble in my family, got me going."

That stoked the fire within him!

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