Press Ganey Associates

Benefits Manager Fran Boykins
“Getting High Marks” For Company Wellness

Press Ganey Associates, based in South Bend, IN, serves the health care industry with high-quality facility and staff assessments through insightful customer surveys. But with company growth came a larger health care bottom line, and prior benefits manager Fran Boykins recognized a growing need for workplace wellness. “Everyone nowadays is more health-conscious. They may not all do anything about it, but they know they should,” states Boykins.

For a number of years, Press Ganey Associates had offered an on-site wellness fair to their 500+ employees, but when the idea of employee health screenings was introduced, employees of this data management company were initially skeptical that their own personal data might be compromised. "At first, there was little interest in the screenings," acknowledged Boykins. "To grow the wellness effort, we needed a third-party provider."

After careful consideration, Boykins enhanced the company's wellness program in 2004 by acting on a referral and outsourcing the fair to On-Site Health. Cholesterol and glucose screenings were also introduced. "We found On-Site Health to be passionate about wellness and about our needs, and we were attracted to Connie's personable style." The fair and screenings were well-received, and participation has grown every year since. "Everyone loves the health fair, the information, and the screenings. There is a good sense of privacy, and everyone feels comfortable with On-Site Health Solutions' approach."

Today, Boykins says the employees’ satisfaction and health awareness is up, and absenteeism is down. She says the wellness fair and screenings give them a good understanding of where they are on the health index from year-to-year. "They are more selective with their health care providers, better consumers, and more informed. Our company can be a high-stress environment, and it helps our employees to keep personal health off of their list of things to worry about,” says Boykins.

Press Ganey Associates also utilizes On-Site Health for its CPR/First Aid Training and for its annual flu vaccinations. Through these efforts, the company receives "high marks" of its own for employee satisfaction. Boykins calls their workplace wellness program a "win-win". “Employee satisfaction is very important, and our wellness fair, screenings, and other wellness initiatives all send an important message that we care about our employees and their health. I would absolutely recommend On-Site Health to help anyone reach their workplace wellness goals.”

To learn more about wellness fairs, screenings, CPR/First Aid training, or other wellness initiatives, call Connie Bryan at 574-243-5108.