Royal Adhesives and Sealants

Ensuring Employees "Stick" with a Healthy Lifestyle

Does your company find to difficult to "stick with" an on-going program that promotes good health in the workplace? Royal Adhesives and Sealants of South Bend, an innovative and leading manufacturer of high performance adhesives, sealants, and other bonding compounds, strives to "stick to it" in the employee wellness arena with consistent on-site health screenings, flu vaccinations, and an on-site employee health fair every year.

"We use certain chemicals in the production of our adhesives and like any adhesive, overexposure to our finished products themselves can lead to health problems," says Human Resources Supervisor Patty Myers. "Helping our employees monitor their exposure and guard against any threat to their health and well-being is a top priority for us."

So, since 2005, Royal Adhesives has utilized On-Site Health to provide in-depth venipuncture screenings to all interested employees and their spouses. Beyond the basic 'finger-poke' assessments, these blood draws analyze kidney function, liver function, carbon monoxide levels, prostate screenings for the males, blood cell counts and more. The day of screenings is part of a company-wide on-site health fair featuring a cross-section of Michiana health vendors. "The employees look forward to the health fair every year," says Myers. "We appreciate On-Site Health Solutions and the vendors accommodating our work schedule, and every year they offer great, new information." On-site flu vaccinations are also provided at the same time to maximize the benefits of the day for everyone.

Once the lab reports are in, a nurse will return on-site to review the results with employees to explain their risks, answer any questions, and make referrals as may be helpful. "On-Site Health does a great job coordinating and providing all of the services to meet our unique needs," Myers adds. "It's a very nice program we've put in place."

A program Royal Adhesives & Sealants "adheres to" as they continue their high-quality, specialized manufacturing.