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"Molding" A Healthy Workforce
B & B Molders is a leading manufacturer of custom plastic molds for a variety of industries, from medical devices to recreational vehicles. Now, this Mishawaka company is setting the pace for molding a healthy workforce as well.
"Reaching New Heights" In Company Wellness
Bertrand Products, based in South Bend, IN, serves the aviation industry with quality parts production, but just as aging airplanes and helicopters need service check-ups, company president Paul Bonin realized his aging workforce needed a tune-up as well.
"Building" a Team of Healthy Employees
Whether helping to build homes or to build a healthy workforce, convenience for the customer is key, and Big C Lumber Company and On-Site Health Solutions hold a blueprint for success.
The City of South Bend kicked off its employee wellness program in April, 2006.
The City made it a goal to become a 21st Century Healthy City, with former Mayor Steve Luecke ceremoniously receiving one of the first health screenings for city employees.
Where Workplace Wellness Is Part of World-Class Vision
What does it take to produce and maintain a World Class Work Environment? Federal Mogul’s South Bend facility has this goal while they serve automotive and other industries on a global scale producing quality pistons for Chrysler, GM, Ford, and more.
Putting a "Stamp" on Their Employees' Well-Being
They are the words that continue to be repeated in the headlines, "In these tough economic times...". So, it surprises me that even I myself am beginning this client profile with, "In these tough economic times, it is important to prioritize your employees’ health.”
OnSite Health gets my vote!
This testimonial is an excerpt from motivational speaker Charlie Adams featured article, Peak Performance Tools on How to Really Lose Weight: "Charlie, I brought in Wellness expert Connie Bryan of OnSite Health in to speak to our team here at City Hall. She did weight and body fat testing and talked to us. Based on her charts she told me I would classify as 'obese.' I was like, "Come on..."
“Getting High Marks” For Company Wellness
Press Ganey Associates, based in South Bend, IN, serves the health care industry with high-quality facility and staff assessments through insightful customer surveys. But with company growth came a larger health care bottom line, and prior benefits manager Fran Boykins recognized a growing need for workplace wellness.
Ensuring Employees "Stick" with a Healthy Lifestyle
"We use certain chemicals in the production of our adhesives and like any adhesive, overexposure to our finished products themselves can lead to health problems," says Human Resources Supervisor Patty Myers. "Helping our employees monitor their exposure and guard against any threat to their health and well-being is a top priority for us."
"Insulating Against High Health Care Costs"
Unifrax Corporation is a world-wide leader in manufacturing high-temperature insulation products, but insulating itself from high healthcare expenses over the years was proving to be a continuous challenge.