When it comes to your organization, you probably have a vision for its growth to come. But to make it all happen, you need employees, and what happens if they are not at their best? This is where health coaching and workplace wellness programs can come into play. An onsite nurse acts as a health coach to not only improve workplace health but to increase productivity, decrease stress, and provide a return on investment for your company.

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What is an OnSite Health, Health Coach?

As the name suggests, a health coach is someone to teach and provide guidance in living their life, especially if they have chronic health concerns A health coach differs from a sports coach and can be seen more as a therapist. In a typical session, the health coach and patient will discuss ideas, issues and create goals and strategies for how to arrive at these goals. Health coaches are able to assist with a variety of concerns such as weight loss, stress, tobacco cessation, and the management of chronic conditions. As Onsite Health coaches are also accredited nurses, they are uniquely positioned to deliver health coaching that will address a patient’s overall health and well-being.

Benefits for Your Organization

Given the current pandemic, this program will prioritize coaching those employees that are #1) high risk, #2) those with elevated risk, and, finally, #3) those that are healthy, to aid and continue their good habits. Utilizing nurses (not subcontractors) and a caring, relationship-based approach, OnSite Health provides a clinically-proven coaching platform that motivates individuals with or at-risk for infection and disease. This empowers them to take control of their health and achieve better outcomes and benefits organizations by averting costly health care expenses and productivity deficits over time.

health coach telemedicine
Providing remote access to a health coach could increase your employee’s wellbeing while they are away from the office.

Increase Productivity

When employees feel valued, they are happier and more productive. If your company operates in a high-pressure environment it will lead to stressed employees which can cost more money in the long run. While every job has its own stressors, creating an environment for employees that feels safe and provides resources for monitoring their health can lead to increased productivity. A health coach allows employees to address concerns and receive advice on how to manage and reach their desired goals. The feeling of control will enable employees to be advocates for their health and be more productive in the workplace.

Decrease Stress

On the job stress plays a major role in employee health and can lead to increased risk of heart attacks, hypertension, and other health concerns. A health coach can alleviate employee stress by working with them to identify their stressors as well as action plans to manage their stress. Health coaches provide strategies that have been historically useful for managing stress and improving overall performance but also providing permanent solutions for combating these issues.

Promote a Healthy Culture

Workplace culture and success often go hand in hand. When employees are happy, then the workplace is a more positive environment, but when employees are overworked, feeling burnt out, and living an unhealthy lifestyle, the environment can take a turn for the worse. However, a health coach’s job is to fix this. When it comes to behavior, it can be difficult to enforce change, so it is recommended to focus on one goal at a time. A health coach can work alongside employees to address the unhealthy behaviors and work with them to change them into healthy habits. By changing these unhealthy behaviors with positive ones, the employee will begin to see a positive change within themselves which in turn benefits company culture.

Return on Investment

Health coaches have proven to be a valuable resource for organizations in improving health and well-being. Employees spend most of their day at the workplace which is why it is a great place to put healthy behavior changes into action. As employees begin developing healthier habits, the behavior will begin to spread and influence workplace culture.

By integrating health coaching into your workplace health offerings, you can lower health and insurance costs. As you strategize your company’s overarching goals, creating a workplace wellness plan for your employees is the first step in creating a more productive, successful, and healthier organization.

What OnSite Health Can Do For You

Whether you are working on your employer campus or remotely, organizations in all industries and sizes can benefit from health coaching. OnSite Health offers health coaching for organizations across the country. This service allows for employees to communicate with our helpful, knowledgeable coaching staff to address their health concerns from the comfort of their home or office. It is essential to point out that working remotely may be the norm for a while, which is why providing access to a health coach could drastically increase your employee’s wellbeing while they are away from the office and their coworkers. If you are interested in learning more about our onsite nurse and health coaching services, contact us today.

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