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The integration of wellness and disease management results in significant, long-term savings. This is where OnSite excels. Whether it is through the management of on-site or near-site employee clinics or through the use of any of our suite of on-site services from screenings to immunizations, OnSite Health is there to provide your employees with the feedback needed to potentially identify serious medical conditions much sooner and put them on the path to better health.


With health care expenses continuing their ascent, insurance agencies are called on to bring solutions to their clients’ rising health care claims more than ever, and even returns on the investment wherever possible. More and more, insurance advisors recognize that preventive wellness and, in some cases, on-site or near-site employer-based health clinics, are the keys to controlling or even reducing their clients’ rising health care costs.


OnSite Health has been positively affecting healthy changes in the lives of our client’s employees for many years. At every point of our interaction with those employees whether during a screening, follow-up coaching, a simple immunization, or the daily interaction we have through our on-site clinics, we gauge their health and educate them on how to become healthier. Our goal is to have them take that information home, initiating a healthy transformation of the entire family.


OnSite Health partners with knowledgeable, experienced physicians to provide health and wellness services to companies across the state. Without onsite healthcare, individuals underuse their primary care services which leads to missing preventative care, unmanged chronic conditions or an unwanted trip to the emergency room. At OnSite Health, our goal is to reverse this trend and place physicians back at the heart of healthcare. By building relationships with employees and developing appropriate care plans, physicians and the team at OnSite Health have the power to make an impact on overall company health.  


Whether you have 5 employees or 500, ensuring health and wellness of every individual is crucial to your company’s success. Offering employee’s access to onsite health and wellness not only promotes a healthier and more productive work environment but can reduce overall costs as well. A well-executed program can increase employee retention and job satisfaction as well. With the help of the OnSite Health team, human resource professionals can design and manage workplace health and wellness services that works best for the company.

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