Why OnSite

Why OnSite

Providers of Customized, On-Site Health and Wellness Services

OnSite Health, LLC provides customized, corporate-wide, and cost-effective health services to companies in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and New York. We can do the same for your company!

OnSite Health is a team of health care professionals that specialize in on-site service. Our on-site, high-quality, compassionate workplace health care services include on-site or near-site primary care clinics, on-site screening and immunization services, and on-site training and educational services. We are happy to travel to your facilities to provide our services around your company's schedule, and we are both ready and committed to educate and consult with you and your employees as often as necessary to build and maintain a health-conscious team.

We are also ready to work with your employees' spouses as well. We believe that if we can prevent one heart attack or alert one person to the threat of diabetes or cancer, then we have done a great service.

Through careful and confidential assessments, we alert individuals all the time who were totally unaware of dangerous health conditions. We take great pride in our screening approach, which provides immediate results, feedback, education and motivation. Improving one's health is often times a long-term commitment. Many believe as we do that building rapport and relationships with the employees is very important, and we are doing this for several of our clients.

Call OnSite Health today to discuss your company's health and wellness goals.