Workplace Wellness Web Portal

Employee health care is generally an organization's #2 expense after payroll, and rising costs continue to challenge companies and individuals alike.  The answers are best found in a proactive, personal, sustained approach, and OnSite Health is ready to help.  We’ll come to your worksite to help your employees "know the numbers" and their risks, then we can guide them one-on-one to optimum health and productivity. 

And our new wellness portal can be your company's gateway to the entire program, enhancing the employees' experience with a complete online health promotion system, featuring several high-powered tools to help them meet, and even exceed, your company's wellness goals.  And it's quick and easy to get started!  Imagine a custom, dynamic wellness activity portal and database for your organization.  With OnSite Health’s specialized team of nurses, health coaches, and support staff and the online tools available here, you can create a robust and successful program ideally suited to the needs of your population.

Uniquely Powerful Health Promotion Technology

The OH Wellness Portal is highly interactive and offers an array of features for you to maximize your employees' success:

  • OnSite Health’s all-new Health, Lifestyle and Productivity HRA

  • Provides each participant with a detailed, personalized wellness summary report once the biometric results are recorded

  • Fun and motivating online "health tracking" tools

    • Participants can track their weight, blood pressure, exercise, meals and more

    • Point system available for participants to earn and redeem company prizes

    • Earn points for:

      • Completion of the online health risk questionnaire,

      • Pedometer steps, nutrition logging, flu vaccinations, and more,

      • Satisfactory results in any of various qualifying biometric categories,

      • Classes or special wellness activities/programs completed,

      • Any other lifestyle-related activity of your company's choosing.

  • Template for starting a "Team Lean Challenge" (Group weight loss competition/program)

  • Targeted email communication/reminders about upcoming workplace wellness events

  • Online wellness activity calendar with event RSVP / Check-In capabilities

  • Fitness Testing modules

Participants can also:

  • Utilize our growing online library of helpful links and resources

  • Receive workouts (with Pictures & Descriptions)

  • Communicate confidentially with their personal OH health coach

  • Employee online activities can also feed an "Alert" to their OH coach

  • Track Weight, Blood Pressure, Walking, Glucose and more over time

  • Use OnSite Health's "True Age", Nutrition Analysis, and Osteoporosis Risk tools

  • Sign up for wellness program classes and events